““Why do people move?” I asked him. “Why did you move?”. He didn’t need time to think. “For a worthier purpose. This is worth it.”” (Real conversation)

A while back I experienced the joy of moving to a different continent. It required flying across several other countries and oceans. Despite all that travel, I still managed to stay on the same planet and realized a few things.

It’s almost easier to stay in touch with the people you like when you are apart. Calls, emails, texts, videos – can be sent in seconds. Letters too usually reach the recipient almost within months. The frequency of communication increases naturally when it’s the only way to keep in touch.

When we are away from everything familiar, we begin to miss the most important part of our lives. And it becomes very clear very quickly what that part is. For some it’s home, family and friends. For others, it’s a type of bread. For a few it’s basically everything that was familiar.

The same stars shed light on us all. We call them the same names. In fact, some parts of the world come to the end of a day when we are only beginning. The weather can be different. It might be hotter than you can bear or colder than you want. It’s the same earth.

People consider almost the same items as food everywhere. The spices and styles differ. It’s a good idea to learn to eat all kinds of food and unless you’re allergic, chances are that your body will benefit from the variety. People need almost the same things to live everyday and it’s available all over the world. It’s not hard to find comfort.

Life in a new place can be as hard as you make it. If the only word that you can associate with “moving” is “hard” – no matter where you’re moving to – it is strongly recommended that you don’t do it. Unless of course your goal is to torture yourself and your audience. The familiarity is missing in the beginning but it’s an adventure to try new things, meet new people, learn about a new culture, adapt. Everyone I have met who has had to move has had similar phases. They have enjoyed some of it and disliked some parts. But the ones that have the best stories are those that embraced life wherever they were placed. The others just had complaints.

Expecting differences is recommended. Embracing differences is wise. Retaining your identity and real self is vital. Compromising is advised. Experiencing, learning and growing is the way to live.

Each place and time in our lives get entangled with a purpose. Sometimes those purposes are clear. Sometimes we choose to delay understanding them. The choice usually belongs to the one who is moving. it is important to truly live where you stay. It is possible to find a home in different places, in the same life.

Live generously. That includes being filled each day with a life that only God can fill and then being a source of generous hope, joy and love wherever you are.

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