My Faith Makes The Difference

(This is a faith story.)

I have experienced grace and there is a significant difference that my faith has made to my life. I am a Christian who enjoys fullness of life and I am excited to tell you about it.

For the first several years of my life I was brought up in different religious settings. Everything seemed acceptable but nothing made much sense.

Then one day I heard about this idea called grace. I was not really seeking so it was not hard to accept that it was a good idea. I had no problem accepting that I was failing to live right and could be stamped as a sinner. Understanding grace incompletely became easy. I believed that if I was living in the light, I deserved grace.

My faith and understanding of God grew when I started reading the Bible. I began understanding the depth of what it meant to follow Christ. The disciplines and standards that I had been invited into were freeing but overwhelming at the same time.

As I began getting older, my experiences in life started carrying more significance because of the direct influence they had on a successful future. It was during a time of great failure that I realized how truly ignorant I was. I was ignorant in believing that if I lived right, I was deserving of grace. Grace is a gift to the undeserving.

I had believed that if God was on my side, my dreams would be fulfilled, even if they were not the best for me. Looking back, I thank God for unfulfilled dreams. A life of no regrets is a blessing.

It was in my failures that I began associating God with the weak. God is not just for the weak but I stopped believing that altogether. But when my anger began creating an overpowering void inside me, I picked up that Book again and read a Psalm. Then I prayed – I did not want to believe in God because I was feeling weak, or threatened with eternal separation, or for success. I believed without a doubt that I was not alone. I was loved. I was still under God’s grace and my life still had a purpose. I decided to stop pretending being a Christian and be honest in my relationship with God. It was not just about following rules and saying my prayers – there is more to knowing God. It’s a relationship where your smallest joys and deepest struggles all make sense and find refuge. It’s empowering and healing. Christ made sense and I could accept the portions of the Bible that seemed harder to believe. It’s an experience I cannot quite describe. During that season of life, I started thriving again. I was no longer living in fear. I knew I would make it – I still did not know what it would be.

God became man and lived among us. It was the only way we could find a way to live with God. God accepted death on the cross because it was the only sacrifice that would be complete in setting us free from a life of spiritual bondage and eternal death. It might seem bizarre and ridiculous to believe but read more about it in the Bible and see if that helps. It’s life giving.

I thank God for those uncertainties and doubts that led me to a life lived in freedom and grace. The gift of life made possible because of the Christ’s death on the Cross and resurrection is a concept that defies human logic. It’s not a fairy tale and it changes lives. I recommend that you read about it if you have not already. It’s extraordinary and for those who don’t understand it, I’ve been there and I pray for more grace. I am grateful for a life that is eternal and I hope you are too.

What do you think?

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