Entrepreneurial Inspiration: How one dream turned into Crossindia Adventures

A select few turn dreams into reality. I had the joy of interviewing an entrepreneur who fueled his dreams into reality and I had a great time finding out answers.


“I felt entirely confident when I walked into the Managing Director’s office to hand over my resignation.” Thus began a fantastic journey for Vishal Tupper, Founder and Head of Crossindia Adventures, a company that offers and organizes adventure tours and river cruises around West Bengal in India.

The idea about starting Crossindia Adventures became clearer when Vishal was working at a large tea company as the Head of Human Resources and Administration. He had been working there for four and a half years and his career path seemed very promising. He had been hired for the assistant manager position and was promoted to Head of HR in a very short span of time. However, Vishal could not resist the idea of plunging into the tourism industry as an entrepreneur. Vishal believes it was God leading him and that gave him the confidence to submit his resignation and dive into this ocean of opportunities.

What is interesting is that even though Vishal loves to travel, tourism was never his first choice of business. Being a food blogger, enthusiast and critic, it had seemed more natural for him to get involved in the culinary world. He had even developed significant knowledge about world cuisines and had a wide network with people in that industry. He was also featured on national food television shows and in major newspapers as a food enthusiast. But surprisingly the thought of starting something related to the food industry did nothing to inspire him. So tourism it was!

After all the intial ideas about possibilities in tourism, the big question became “what do we do in tourism?” Tourism is a huge industry and exploring the right direction was the key to success. At first he considered promoting adventure tours like trekking and camping and adding a few destination tours to expand the business. But Vishal is glad to have been miraculously introduced to the operations at Sundarbans Reserve Forest or Sundarbans National Park, which is the largest mangrove forest in the world and has been declared a Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also the largest reserve for the Bengal tiger. An instant connection was formed and CROSSINDIA ADVENTURES was established.

The first season of successful touring around the Sundarbans led to new ideas. In what seemed to be perfect timing, an organization in Kolkata approached Vishal to arrange a cruise down the Hooghly River in Kolkata. The Hooghly River Cruise Division was launched and amazingly, this Hooghly tour has become most popular among customers.

Vishal had to combine strategy and dedication at networking to increase his customer base in order to sell his ideas and products. Vishal says, “being an entrepreneur has been very challenging but equally rewarding”. But Vishal does not work alone. His team consists of star chefs and operations staff. They have played a big role in advancing the company’s vision and making Crossindia grow.

Vishal is confident that God has led and blessed their entire operations.  And the company wants to give back to the community in terms of funding organizations and people involved in social causes and outreaches around India.

“We have learned more about life and realized that relationships hold more value than monetary profits. The experiences in Crossindia has humbled us, helped us grow and has increased our dependence on God”. -Vishal Tupper.

If you want to enjoy some exotic food, comfort and or adventure on a cruise, check out their website: www.crossindia.in.

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