We tried these five restaurants in the last few weeks and recommend them! If you haven’t already,  consider making a reservation in one of these restaurants in Atlanta, GA this weekend:

  • Zyka: If you are looking to try one of the most authentic North Indian restaurants in Georgia, Zyka is the place to be! They offer lunch and dinner menus. Our favourite items on their menu are their spicy Biryani, Naan and mango lassi! Their pleasant staff could suggest additional ideas if you want to try something else. Prices are affordable and you can ask them to adjust the spice depending on your taste buds.  (More information: www.zyka.com)
  • Hankook Taqueria: Delicious Korean food served the American way. You can expect quick service and great options for street snacks, tacos and burritos. This small place has a fun decor and interesting flavors! (More information: hankooktaqueria.com)
  • Flying Biscuit: Amazing place for delicious all day breakfast and other meals. There are several of them around Atlanta and if you choose the time and location smartly, you might not end up waiting for an hour before you get a table. The amount and delicacy of the platter will make up for the cost. (More information: www.flyingbiscuit.com)
  • Smoke Ring: If you are looking for a place serving amazing barbecue, get a table at Smoke Ring. The decor and service add to the charm of the place. If you are not extremely hungry, you can have leftovers for your next meal. (More information: www.smokeringatlanta.com)
  • Aamar Indian Cuisine: Another Indian place you should try if you’re Downtown, is Aamar Indian Cuisine. They have a variety of great Indian meals and offer free delivery up to three miles. The chai served with samosas here can transport you to India. (More Information: aamarindian.com)

Have you tried a new restaurant recently somewhere in the world and loved it? You can use the comments section below to share your recommendation or consider writing a post and send it to theleadjournal@gmail.com.  

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