Just a 45-minute drive from Toronto on Hwy 401 (the busiest highway in the world), Cambridge is a picturesque city at the meeting of the Grand and Speed rivers. The natural beauty of the area, combined with great local food, is sure to impress anyone looking for some R&R. Being both young and in school during our time in the city, finding food that was easy on our wallets, a good portion size and tasting amazing was key. Here’s our top picks:

  • Fifty’s Grill & Deli: Homemade food, generous portions and fair prices are what have always brought our family and friends to Fifty’s time and time again. There is always a line up out the door for a table and it’s no surprise why because the food never disappoints. We recommend the breakfast menu, some of which is served all day. Try to finish the plantation -2 eggs,2 French toast, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 ham , baked beans and hashbrowns– or take the rest home for lunch (if you’re hungry by then!) http://www.fiftysgrillanddeli.com/
  • LA Frank’s: Located in the heart of the city right beside the Grand River, LA Frank’s is one of those one of a kind, family run food joints, whose reputation travels by word of mouth. Perfect for a summer day’s lunch they have the best homemade malted milkshakes in the city and feature a vast variety of signature hot dogs with common and uncommon toppings. Round your meal off with a poutine, a Canadian delicacy that consists of French fries topped with gravy and gooey cheese curds. They even let you pay with Canadian Tire money (a reward program at a Canadian store). https://www.facebook.com/cambridge.lafranks
  • Zoup!: A chain of restaurants that have recently been opening locations in the Cambridge area, Zoup! features twelve, always rotating daily soups, as well as an assortment of sandwiches and salads. We personally recommend the chicken potpie, lobster bisque and white chicken chili. The best part of Zoup! is that you can sample as many soups as you want before making your selection! Perfect for a cold winter day or when you’re looking for some comfort food, they have something for everyone no matter your food restrictions or preferences, including spicy, low-fat, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian. http://www.zoup.com/
  • Ben Thanh Viet Thai: Over our years in Cambridge, this restaurant has been one of our favourites, so much so that we even chose them to cater our rehearsal dinner for our wedding! Featuring an overwhelming menu of choices, we personally recommend the green curry chicken for those who love spicy, pad thai for those who are still experimenting with heat and sweet & sour tamarind chicken for those who would rather not be reaching for their glass of water. This restaurant is great for an evening with friends or a special date night. http://www.benthanh.ca/
  • Grain of Salt: Coming from India one tends to stake out places for the most authentic Indian food. Grain of Salt is one of those places in Cambridge, found on Hespeler road right. It hosts a variety of North Indian, Moghlai cuisine. Apart from the a la carte menu which has some great options to choose from with varying spice levels. We recommend the Thali’s which are a complete meal and save you having to choose, what to eat with what?. Reasonably priced with great food and service. For those time when you want to experience a little of incredible India. http://www.welcometograinofsalt.com/index.php
  • Sushi Feast: Craving some Japanese, then this is the place to go for a great meal at a great deal. The all you can eat menu is vast with a good selection of Sushi, Temaki, Maki, apps and entrees. Of course the all you can eat lunches are cheaper than the dinners, so its just to place to go get your fill of Japanese cuisine and collapse into your couch for a Sushi Siesta. http://www.sushifeast.ca/
  • Little Louie’s Burger Joint & Soupery: Need a burger fix? Then don’t waste your time on fast food chains, Louie’s is the place to go. Burgers done to perfection with an umpteen number of toppings available and sides to go with it, take your best crack at it, you can’t go wrong. Their soups are yummy too. All this is served up in a mom and pop’s dinner kind of place, which makes it all the nicer. https://www.facebook.com/louiesburger

– Authors: A&M H

(Featured photo: Fifty’s Grill & Deli and Ben Thanh Viet Thai)

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