The question: What has marriage taught you? Grateful for friends who helped put this post together.

“Marriage taught me that another person’s dream can become your own. They are no longer two separate dreams.”

“Marriage has taught me more than anything else has that our hearts are so fragile and precious – and that we have the capacity to greatly bless or greatly wound with our words and actions.”

“Always take things with a grain of salt and a lot of grace – sometimes life doesn’t sound pretty, and this is especially true when we are tired, hungry and what time of the month it is. We have learned to love each other even more through these times, as God shows us how to strengthen our marriage through conflict.”

“The first word that comes to mind is “complicated”. You end up learning a lot and unlearning a lot of things.”

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. My spouse has a way of exposing all of my insecurities and fears, which causes some distress in my life. But what I have learned is to take a step back and think “How can I learn from this”, instead of becoming defensive. These moments of accountability and honesty only serve to fortify our marriage bonds.”

“Marriage has been a wonderful journey. I have learnt to share, adjust and be more understanding. Marriage is the best thing that has happened in my life.”

“Marriage is a lot of fun if you can continue keeping it exciting like your dating days. Only this time the activities are more meaningful.”

“This is something I have to remind myself often: Treat your partner as an adult. Your role is not to be your partner’s savior. Everyone does things differently and unless it’s life threatening, don’t try to change them.”

“Marriage can be your strongest refuge or your stormiest night. Both of you can choose and make it what you want it to be. For me and my partner, it has been a place of refuge and I am so thankful for that.”

“Sometimes you may feel like you have to do everything. Almost like you walked into a trap. But you just learn to do them. The brighter part is that you have a friend for life who is ready to do everything for their own way”

“Marriage revealed things about me that I didn’t know I could be. Emotions, selfishness, likes and dislikes. I am sure my partner found things about themselves too. It’s taught us more about grace and forgiveness and really loving each other beyond just the feelings.”

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