Women Entrepreneurs: Corporate Advisors Law Professionals

It takes courage and a lot of diligent work to succeed as an entrepreneur. Disha Dugar, chose that path of courage when she quit her corporate law job and became a freelancer in 2012. About a year later, a phone from a former colleague, Ruchika Singhi changed a few things about that plan. In August 2013, Disha and Ruchika started what is now called Corporate Advisors Law Professionals (CALP) and established it in Kolkata, India.

Disha was born and raised in Kolkata and developed her love for puchkas and mishti doi early in life. She is an alumni of the reputed Ashok Hall Girls Higher Secondary School. In her senior year, her eagerness to pursue Pure Mathematics led her to a convent school called Our Lady Queen of the Mission. I met Disha in St. Xavier’s College when she was pursuing her graduation AND her Post Graduation in Company Secretaryship at the same time! She completed her CS from the Institute of Company Secretaries in India a year after completing her graduation and started training at a real estate and tobacco manufacturing company. She climbed the ladder quickly and was soon the Vice President – Legal cum Compliance Officer and Company Secretary at NTC Industries Ltd.

When Disha decided to start their own company, it required a significant amount of research. The team needed to figure out business registration processes, costs and competitive strategies but looking ahead they knew they would make it. The basics didn’t take much time –  they set up an email account, registered their business and began building their client base.

CALP began with a few clients who were known to them and the duo successfully executed the projects that they worked on. Things started moving pretty quickly after that. They were able to rent an office in central Kolkata and renovated it. They started working out of their new office space with minimal furniture – two tiny ceiling fans, a desktop, a laptop, a printer and scanner. By January 2014, work was so busy, it was time to recruit a trainee and begin growing the team.

CALP provides Company Law, Finance and Taxation solutions to corporate, individuals, non-profits and banks. They focus on client requirements and provide customised solutions. What sets them apart from their competitors is that they don’t base their work on their fees. They ensure that their clients receive excellent services and two years later, they are busier than ever. CALP also supports a non-profit called Shades Foundation and has done projects with less privileged and special children in the city.

For Disha, one significant change in lifestyle has been the choice of picking her own work hours. There are days when her work day starts early in the morning, while there are other days when she can start at noon. She enjoys being responsible for her work schedules.

Disha has had to face some challenges from people who are disrespectful towards successful women entrepreneurs. But support from her families and friends has helped her and the company continue progressing. CALP started with a big idea and the team is confident that the company will grow bigger. They are excited to see where this dream will take them.

Disha encourages future entrepreneurs to be brave in pursuing their dreams. A strong will overcomes hurdles. The entrepreneurs at CALP have had to choose work over several social events in order to grow their business. Starting their own company required their involvement in everything – right from management to marketing. They love it because a day well spent and work well done makes everything seem worth it.

Make sure you check out corporateadvisorslawprofessionals.in for more details about the company. 

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