Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Battle Brick

If we don’t think it’s cool, we won’t sell it.

2009 marked the beginning of a company that thrives on innovation. The company is called Battle Brick. Battlebrickcustoms.com is the home of Battle Bricks custom military kits and mini-figures made with real LEGO® bricks

Battle Brick began when entrepreneur Andrew Roberts started making M1A1 tank kits and selling them on ebay as a way to finance his next LEGO® project. When the kits started selling, he realized that there was a market for these products. Andrew began making different military tanks and vehicles and the ideas kept flowing.

Before that time most people’s impression seemed to be that it was just a hobby.

It started as simply “something fun to do” and then grew into a full-time store. In 2011, when Andrew was able to make this his full-time job, most people were shocked. Most people are still surprised when they realize how a small innovative business idea can support their family.

Andrew and his wife Amanda teamed up to grow the business. According to them, their customers helped them succeed.

We had no idea what we were doing early on – from our products, business processes, and even basic customer service – it’s a miracle we made it at all. Without our customers’ encouragement and constructive criticism we’d be nowhere. Our customers are amazing.

Start-ups can be so unique. Battle Brick as a company did not have a ribbon-cutting official start date. Instead it slowly evolved from a hobby to a full company over the course of many years. Initially they made only sets but now a big part of the business is selling customized mini-figures and mini-figure equipment.

One day we just sort of woke up and realized “we have a company”.

Often we have to sacrifice some things in order to achieve our goals. Life changes as business grows.

Running your own business means that the company lives and dies with you. Early on we both worked full time during the day and would arrive home at six and work till midnight and then work 16 hours on weekends. Right now even with both of us home and adding some additional help we routinely work 6-7 days a week. There also are no such things as “sick days” and taking a vacation is very difficult.

Being their own boss has its convenience too. They can have a flexible schedule and are able to tailor it around their daughter, working during nap time and evenings. Although they work longer hours and weekends, they are able to make the most of their family time.

Christmas will be a busy season for the company so don’t delay placing that gift order. Check them out on www.battlebrickcustoms.com

Popular figures displayed in featured image:
– U.S. Air Force Para Rescue PJ Made With Real LEGO(R) Mini-Figure Parts
– Seal Team 6 Special Forces Minifigure Commando Made With Real LEGO(R) Mini-Figure Parts
– SWAT Police Officer Pointman Made With Real LEGO(R) Mini-Figure Parts

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