Finally we have some restaurant recommendations from Calcutta! The guest author is an amazing cook but also a restaurant-hopper and shared some of her favourite dine-out options in the City of Joy.

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. – Mark Twain

If I were to eat out every weekend for the next few days, out of all the restaurants that I have been too, I would want to revisit these.

Breakfast is best enjoyed between 8 and 11 am in Calcutta. I am torn between driving up to Flurys on Park Street or just walk down my street to the local street-side cha stand and enjoy hot dim toast and cha. I think the local stall might win. It’s so hard to ignore the amazing smell of eggs cooking and that sweet loaf of bread! My second pick would be Flurys especially if they don’t have the usual long queue of people waiting. They have the best brunch – no wonder it’s so busy! Then there’s Udipi for those soft idlis and steaming filter coffee. I also like Wise Owl at Hindustan Park.

Lunch..I might not need lunch after all that breakfast..unless it’s Arsalaan. Who can ever decline that plate of perfect Biryani? But there are other favorites too – Chelo Kebab at Peter Cat – that might be everybody’s favourite dish at Peter Cat! I also love the steaks at Mocambo and The Steak Factory. Oh so good!

Restaurants that I think are best visited later in the evening for dinner include Thali at Kasba, Hatari and Hong Kong Express at Hindustan Park. There’s a small restaurant called Kowloon at New Alipore which is a simple place with pretty good food. You could try it if you’re in the area and want to eat out without spending too much.

How can I miss Flame and Grill, Barbeque Nation, Bar-B-Q at Park Street, Golden Joy at Tangra, Jimmy’s Kitchen! Just thinking about these restaurants is making me hungry!

There are also some places that we visited fairly recently that have turned into favourites – Goli at Kasba, Mrs. Magpie, Abar Baithak at Jodhpur Park and Ta’aam near Deshapriya Park. Pretty amazing food and great ambiance! You should check them out.


Image credit: Hatari, Calcutta

You can feature your local restaurant recommendations by writing to We hope to hear from you soon!

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