Lessons from my Motorcycle Adventures

You can improve your long motorcycle road trip experiences in India by keeping these simple lessons in mind.

1.        Try exercising regularly. Whether it is running or jogging or swimming, exercising will keep you healthy and in good shape and you will reap the benefits during your long road trip.

2.        Motorcycle tours take a toll on your body and it is natural to experience pain in your back, hips, shoulders and neck after the tour. An easy precaution is to take frequent breaks during your travel.

3.        Stay hydrated during the ride by drinking water and eat moderately. Eating too much can make the ride more tiring.

4.        Wear a jacket, helmet and cover yourself properly to save your from the sun, wind and smoke.

5.        9185_10204416396370190_8215557158992959730_nDrive at a moderate speed and respect the law. Check for speed limits even though Indian Police may not have speed testers installed everywhere. They can still penalize you for going over the speed limit. Use both the brakes for effective braking.

6.        Carry your license, registration certificate, insurance documents for the vehicle and yourself, pollution check certificate, original ID cards and a decent amount of cash. The roadside shops and some petrol station do not accept cards.

7.        Don’t park your vehicle on road curves or on a bridge.

8.        Use your indicators correctly. It can save you from accidents.

9.        When overtaking another vehicle, try to overtake only from the right. And be cautious of other vehicles. Cars and trucks on those highways travel at incredible speeds.

10.     Keep an emergency number handy. It is important to have someone who can reach you in case you need any help.

Of course no matter how much you plan, a bike tire puncture can always interrupt your trip. A lot of riders carry a repairing kit set along with a hand pump to fix any punctures but I am not one of them yet. But then accommodating uncertainties is a part of adventure!

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Guest author: Nicky Jose

Images: Nicky Jose

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