Do you know why people who live in warm climates eat spicy food even during sweltering summers? Simple – heat beats heat. But how?  Apparently spicy food helps regulate body temperatures by making us sweat profusely. Typically spicy food triggers off sweat glands on our faces and then the rest of the body. This results in making extremely hot summers somewhat bearable. You would think that all that sweating would cause serious dehydration issues but that’s taken care of as well. Spicy food make us extremely thirsty, thus forcing us to stay hydrated.

Food habits in different parts of the world were established in a way to help humans survive. Although enjoying local cuisine can be a lifesaver, it also makes sense to choose your diet based on your body type and location because not every food has the same effect on everyone. Oily food may be good for some seasons and salads are better for others. A protein rich diet might do wonders for some, while others thrive on higher fiber.

I was in India for the last two weeks and needless to say, I was stuffed all day everyday with home made delicacies. Those two curries you see in the featured photo are homemade spicy fish and prawns. We also managed to try out three new restaurants during our short visit and all three of them were amazing.

A mini cupcake at Mrs. Magpie’s Bistro.

We went to The Steak Factory near Southern Avenue for dinner one night. We ordered the beef steak, which was served with a side of potatoes and caramelized onions cooked to perfection. For lunch on another day we went to Mrs. Magpie’s Bistro at The Chambers Mall at Kasba. We loved both the ambiance and the food. I tried Mutton Goulash for the first time and loved every bit of it! Sadly I forgot to click photos of most of the food at these restaurants so if you live in Kolkata, you should try them out.

The third restaurant we ate at was at The Fort at Raichak on the Ganges, which is about 55kms south of the Howrah Bridge. The thali and breakfast spreads were amazingly delicious and the quantity of food impossible to conquer. The funny part was that we asked the server if we could get seconds if we needed. He smiled and asked us to enjoy the meal. None of us at the table managed to finish even the first serving.

Thali at The Fort

Summers are also known for cooler delicacies and summer fruits which bring the heat down but sweating through meal times makes the experience more satisfying.

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