Studying while working full-time

Pursuing a study course while working can be the most efficient use of your time. It’s especially important while you are living overseas with the possibility of returning to your country.

You can achieve more in a smaller span of time in terms of both work performance and personal development. Agreed that this can be the most exhausting endeavor you ever take on. It will demand consistent discipline and commitment and the reward will be sweet.

Being organized comes in most handy during this time. Keeping track of your assignments and work schedules is key to maintaining a consistent balance between the two commitments. It should help you begin and end your work day at sane hours. Keeping a written track of schedules will also free up your brain to retain study information. Maintain a calendar or set reminders to stay on track without getting overwhelmed. Some days are more demanding than others so being flexible with your schedule always helps.

Recognize your peak energy hours and schedule your priorities during those hours. If your employer is sponsoring your course, chances are that you can schedule study hours even during traditional work time. If you do not have that advantage, manage the time before and after work hours wisely. That does not mean that you need to sacrifice your social life permanently but being disciplined about your priorities will benefit you in the long run.

Your study course will either make you more successful at your job or it will offer some respite from your monotonous work schedule. Keep the end in mind to stay on track and whatever you do, don’t give up.

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