Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you tell me more about The Overseas Magazine?

The Overseas Magazine (TOM) was first launched as The Lead Journal in February 2015. TOM publishes solutions for business operations and living overseas. The articles are written by professionals and those who have experience living overseas. If you’re planning to move overseas, the articles should help you prepare for your move. If you’re looking to improve professionally, check out our practical business operations articles.

  • How can I subscribe?

Click on the follow link below and WordPress will notify you when a new story or tip is published.

  • Is The Overseas Magazine on Social Media?

Not at the moment. We tried being social for a while but realized that we would rather spend time writing stories than battling algorithms.

Writing for The Overseas Magazine:

  • Why should I become a guest author?

The Overseas Magazine invites you to share your experiences about living overseas with the readers. It’s an easy way to share information that you learned the hard way with a community of interested learners. It might help and rescue someone struggling overseas, or failing at work, or just idea-seekers.

  • What topics could I write about?

Share your experiences about work, travel or living overseas. Additionally you can check out these topics for inspiration. Even though only approved articles are published, let it challenge you to improve your skills if some of your ideas don’t make it to TOM. Check the About page for submission guidelines.

  • I have several experiences that I would like to write about. Can I become a regular contributor?

Email and let’s discuss the possibility.

  • I would like to share about my experiences but I am not really a writer. How can I contribute?

The Overseas Magazine is here for you! Email your outline and writing request to and we will get in touch with you about next steps within three business days.

  • How long should I wait to follow up about my article submission?

You should hear back within three business days. If you don’t, please send a follow up email.

  • I don’t enjoy writing but I can draw. What topics can I draw about?

Business comics! Email with two sample comics and if they’re good, we will contact you about topics for the quarter. 

  • I have more questions and suggestions. Is anybody listening?

The Overseas Magazine would love to hear from you! Email

Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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