The Overseas Magazine has amazing guest authors! In fact, some of the most read articles were written by our guest authors. You can be one too!

Everyone loves a good story and practical tips make life easier. Do you prefer having a format or guiding questions? Email your request to


How to submit your article or comic:

If you have something original and interesting to share, you can email your article or comic to Articles will be edited for sound formatting and will be published when the content is approved. A good word limit for our posts is 2000 words but you can choose to keep it shorter.

Please use the following format when sending in articles:

  • Article or comic title
  • Article content or comic
  • Name, short bio and photo
  • Featured photo(s) for the article (optional)

Compensation: We compensate our contributors in the form of valuable publicity! Since we offer free subscription to our overseas community, payment is in the form of gratitude only.


Below are topics that you could write about if you’re looking for inspiration.

Business Operations:

  • Do you know an entrepreneur who would like to be featured on The Overseas Magazine? We would love to connect with them and tell their story.
  • What lessons have you learned based on your work experiences? Every industry is different and readers would love to learn about yours.
  • Do you have an awesome employer? Tell us what makes them awesome.


Living Overseas:

  • Have you lived overseas? How was the experience? What advice will you give to a friend who is planning to move there?
  • Do you have any advice for families as they prepare to travel overseas? Do you have any advice for spouses and children living overseas? What about pets?
  • Did you use a new airline recently and loved the experience? Share about your flight experience, customer service, amnesties or just stories.
  • If we were to visit your city when you were not around to drive us around, how would we get around? Please tell us about your local transportation system, recommended hotels, restaurants, and tourist activities. We know you love your city and can write all about it.
  • Do you know a language other than English? Help us learn a few basic phrases.



  • Share about your recent travel experience. Remember that you can always request for guiding questions by sending a Facebook message or email to The Overseas Magazine.
  • Did you try any new local restaurants this year? Which of those would you recommend to a friend?
  • Tell us what you think about current news and events around the world. Voice your opinion!

Thanks for considering and please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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