Use these tips to write or draw your next TOM post

The Overseas Magazine is always looking for authors willing to share original experiences and stories about work, travel and living overseas. It’s all about developing your story-telling skills. So whether you are an expert story-teller or struggling to come up with the opening line for your next article submission, here are some tips that I find useful when I write.

Some days the words just flow. Use that writing flow to your advantage instead of putting it off till you can sit down with your coffee and samosas (or macaroons!).

Even when I don’t have the time to sit down and complete a post, simply jotting down the outline or that one great thought for an article makes a huge difference when I try to draft a post later.

Then there are times when you have the idea and the words floating inside and outside your head without really linking into sentences.

That should not be hard to fix. I usually enjoy using a pen and paper to solve this dilemma. I write down those disconnected floating thoughts. Then arrange the points in order and fill in the rest of the words.

More often than not, I am able to string those ideas into comprehensible sentences by making vague ideas literally visible by writing them down.

If you can draw, you can now use this script to create your sketch and submit the scan for publishing.

When inspiration is no where in sight, it helps to read or take a walk or eat or watch a movie. Inspiration often hits when we least expect it, as long as we are receptive.

I believe that we learn about work and life too often and sharing your experiences with someone might help them out. If you need more help writing, visit the FAQ or ideas page. If you’re ready to write, check out some submission guidelines.

Send your articles and drawings to

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