Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Forever and Everett Photography

I met Forever and Everett’s photographer, Brittney Everett, a few months ago when I visited Ohio. I got to know her and her business a little better a few weeks ago at a wedding. Brittney is one of the coolest photographers I have met. Her calm attitude put everyone at ease during the photo shoot.  So I asked her to share her business story with The Lead Journal!


Forever and Everett Photography had an interesting beginning – the company is an example of Brittney’s can’t-keep-me-down attitude!

Brittney and her husband were living in Denver and her husband was in school full-time getting his Masters of Divinity at Denver Seminary. Brittney was working for a company but soon after she was hired, she was replaced with a marketing company and was left jobless!

That year Brittney had purchased a nice camera with her birthday money to take good pictures of the beautiful Colorado landscape. She decided to put the camera to use in a way that could make her some money!  When Brittney got married, a friend of hers came up with the clever name combining ‘forever and ever’ with her last name, Everett. She felt as though it fit with a Photography business since photos make memories last forever. Hence the name – Forever and Everett Photography.


Forever and Everett Photography suited Brittney’s schedule perfectly. It allowed flexibility on the side of any temp jobs or babysitting jobs she could get until she was hired full-time somewhere.


Brittney’s mom had started her own side photography business and was excited about the possibility of photographing a wedding together! But at the time they lived in different countries so that wasn’t that feasible! Brittney and her mom finally did it for a first time at a wedding few weeks ago! (It was the same wedding where I met Brittney.)


In Denver, in order to advertise and grow her clientele, Brittney needed to use a strategy that would work with the limited time and resources that she had. So she started the company by offering free photo shoots to a couple families who also attended the Seminary! Those couple photo shoots gave her the confidence that she needed to expand her work. Since she did not fix prices, she started asking for donations for family photo shoots! Her clientele were all in the same boat as them, “poor seminary students, but with children!” She decided that she would rather accept $20 for a photo shoot, than someone not be able to have family photos because they couldn’t afford it!

She posted her pictures on a Facebook page: foreverandeverettphotography and on a blog: www.foreverandeverettphotography.com. Brittney relies on shares, likes and word of mouth as well as the business cards that she occasionally passes out, to build her clientele.

Brittney describes Forever and Everett as more like a hobby or side job that she can fit into her life.

Because I’m a stay at home mom now, it’s still something I can do on the side!

When they moved from Denver to Ohio, she was sad to leave her clients there. She had done photo shoots for many families and they were promoting her to other families. Her business was growing with the referrals that she was receiving since they loved her work so much!

Forever and Everett Photography offers something that most other businesses don’t offer – there are no set prices! Brittney says, “I do it because I love to, I love pictures and I love looking back at photos for memories! I love providing an inexpensive option for people to have those memories!”


Brittney started with family and baby photo shoots and worked up to senior pictures and weddings.


I love to capture candids rather than poses, more “in the moment” stuff!

Brittney fits in shoots in evenings or weekends or in the middle of the day, if that works for the subjects.


I’ve heard the phrase, “Do what you love and it won’t feel like work,” and that’s kind of how I decided that was what I wanted to do in my time of desperation!


Brittney took a course at a community college to learn how to use the manual function of her camera and she keeps learning from other photographers.

I mostly have an eye for cool angles and ways of looking at things!

Check out her photos here: www.foreverandeverettphotography.com

To contact her for photo shoots, email her at: brittneyleverett@gmail.com

1913233_488983211207910_1267106761_oGuest Contributor: Brittney L. Everett is the founder of Forever and Everett Photography. 

Images: Brittney L. Everett

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