Meals every Indian should try in the US

When you visit the US, you have to try these!

Barbecued meat! Whether you prefer chicken or pork, find a restaurant that serves barbecue platters. The mildly sweet and smoky melt-in-your-mouth options are a must have when you’re in the US!

Mouthwatering barbecued meat. Give us a side of naan and we are set!

Burgers and hotdogs come in all sizes and varieties. The type of burgers and hotdogs you find in India don’t quite compare to the ones available in the US. Opt for beef if you eat beef or try the cheese burger. Amazingness! Hotdogs can vary in quality so maybe try just one.

We need bigger mouths for that burger!

Soups and stews are both comfort food and an entire hot meal in a bowl. Try the  Brunswick stew, with it’s rich taste of tomatoes and meat, or try gumbo! Find out what the traditional soup is and enjoy it with a side of bread sticks or rice.

Doesn’t that look wholesome? Yummy soup!

Although India offers a variety of bread options, when Indians hear bread, we usually think of the common sliced white bread but if you enjoy bread, you will love meals in the US! Bagels, buns, dinner rolls, biscuits, corn bread, baguette are a few among many other varieties. They all differ in texture and taste and if you can’t differentiate, it’s alright. It’s probably the same reason why Americans identify the variety of Indian flatbread as naan 🙂

We love garlic bread!

Mexican food is extremely popular so enjoy the delicious tacos and burritos. In addition to that, you can find fusion food everywhere. Korean, Thai, Japanese – all offer fusion options and Indian taste buds will love them. American Chinese food is not as spicy as Indian Chinese food and Indian food is mostly limited to North Indian food options.

Tacos are perfect for any meal.

If you want to try fast food, try Chick-fil-A! The fried chicken burgers will win over your heart and stomach instantly.

Spicy deluxe sandwich.jpg
Spicy Deluxe Sandwich offers the perfect amount of spice and flavors.

Finally to satisfy your sweet tooth, try the cheesecakes, donuts, pies, a wide range or cookies and muffins. There are tons of other options obviously but you can’t visit the US and not try these!

Give them all to us!!! Donuts for days!

Have a great trip and enjoy your meals!



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