Our World: May 2017


An argument between a Mississippi man, his estranged wife and her family over custody of the couple’s children ended in a shooting that killed eight people, including a deputy sheriff. Read more…


Police in China and Vietnam will strengthen exchanges of intelligence and evidence, and conduct joint investigations and exercises in a bid to smash large cross-border human trafficking rings. Read more… 


India and Germany signed a slew of about 12 agreements covering cyber security, urban development and vocational education, digitization, infrastructure etc, during the formal session of the bilateral inter-governmental consultations (IGC) here on Tuesday. Read more… 


Kabul blast killed 80 this morning. No group has taken responsibility for the attack. Read more…

South Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has ordered a probe after the Defence Ministry failed to inform him that four more launchers for the controversial U.S. THAAD anti-missile system had been brought into the country. Read more… 


German police have arrested a teenage asylum seeker suspected of planning a suicide attack in Berlin. Read more…


Nigerian officials say the 82 young women released by Boko Haram extremists this month are now joining those already freed in a special rehabilitation program. Read more…

Our World: May 2017

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