Our World – June 2017

Here’s how June 2017 wrapped up in a few countries around the world:


A doctor went on a shooting spree yesterday killing another doctor and injuring several at a New York hospital. Read more…


Canada is celebrating 150 years! Thousands of people gathered at an intersection in the Canadian city of Winnipeg to create the country’s “largest living maple leaf”. Read more…

maple leaf
Image credit: BBC News

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Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced that the goods and services tax (GST) is yet another measure after demonetisation that was aimed at cleansing the country’s economy. Read more…

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Read about: Eat: India (Restaurant recommendations – Delhi)


Bombers killed two people and wounded 11 others at a U.N.-managed camp in Niger housing thousands of people who have fled Boko Haram violence in the first suicide attack in the region in a year, the U.N. refugee agency said on Friday. Read more…


Romania’s new Government plans to drop the current 16% tax on company profits and replace it with a tax on turnover starting January 1, 2018, according to the new governing program presented by the PSD-ALDE coalition. Read more…


The Syrian government on Saturday dismissed a report by the international chemical weapons watchdog that said the banned nerve agent sarin was used in an April attack in northern Syria, saying it lacked “any credibility”. Read more… 

Our World – June 2017

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