Our World – June 2017

Here’s how June 2017 wrapped up in a few countries around the world:


A doctor went on a shooting spree yesterday killing another doctor and injuring several at a New York hospital. Read more…


Canada is celebrating 150 years! Thousands of people gathered at an intersection in the Canadian city of Winnipeg to create the country’s “largest living maple leaf”. Read more…

maple leaf
Image credit: BBC News

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Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced that the goods and services tax (GST) is yet another measure after demonetisation that was aimed at cleansing the country’s economy. Read more…

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Bombers killed two people and wounded 11 others at a U.N.-managed camp in Niger housing thousands of people who have fled Boko Haram violence in the first suicide attack in the region in a year, the U.N. refugee agency said on Friday. Read more…


Romania’s new Government plans to drop the current 16% tax on company profits and replace it with a tax on turnover starting January 1, 2018, according to the new governing program presented by the PSD-ALDE coalition. Read more…


The Syrian government on Saturday dismissed a report by the international chemical weapons watchdog that said the banned nerve agent sarin was used in an April attack in northern Syria, saying it lacked “any credibility”. Read more… 

Our World – June 2017


Our World: April 2017

Our World at a glance in April 2017


As the State Department’s former North Korea point man Christopher Hill said recently, it’s as if the Trump administration is trying to out-North Korean the North Koreans. Matching brinkmanship with brinkmanship. Read more…


Seek a second option when dealing with surgeries. A breast surgeon who “played God” and carried out “completely unnecessary” operations has been convicted of intentionally wounding patients. Read more…


Russians, in peaceful protest, call for Putin to quit. Several hundred Russians lined up in central Moscow on Saturday under the gaze of riot police to hand over handwritten appeals for President Vladimir Putin to quit, as similar protests took place in other cities. Read more…


Laden with whisky and baby milk, the first freight train linking China directly to the U.K. arrived in the eastern Chinese city of Yiwu Saturday after a 12,000-kilometre trip, becoming the world’s second-longest rail route. Read more…


IAS officers to adopt families of matyrs. The officer will not be required to provide any direct financial assistance to the adopted family, but support and handhold its members on a sustained basis so that they live with a sense of security and assurance that the country is taking care of them in their hours of crisis and tragedy. Read more…

Africa – Tanzania

9,932 Tanzanian civil servants have been ordered to resign after an audit named them to have gained employment with fake certificates. Read more…

South America – Venezuela

At least three people have been killed in Venezuela in protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Read more…

Featured image credit: Reuters


Our World: March 2017

March 2017 in a few countries around the world:

USA: Travel ban halted

The Justice Department has filed a notice to appeal a Hawaii-based federal judge’s ruling that indefinitely halted core portions of the President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban. Read more…

China: Trump and Xi meeting

President Trump and China’s Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet amid a range of pressing issues about trade, North Korea and the South China Sea. Read more…

UK: Westminster attacker

Westminster attacker Khalid Masood drove his car into pedestrians, killing three people, and fatally stabbing a police officer before being shot by the police. Read more…

India: Railway Network expansion

Giving strategic interests a further push, the Centre is exploring feasibility to connect India-China border district Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh with the railway network. Read more…

Israel: Settlement issues

Palestinians are resisting Israel’s settlement law by petitioning Israeli courts against a law that forces them to lease their lands to Israeli settlers. Read more…

Australia: Cyclone Debbie

Cyclone Debbie is causing serious concerns for areas prone to flooding. Residents in northern NSW have been ordered to evacuate. Read more…

Peru: GDP growth

Peru is expected to become Latin America’s top economy surpassing Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela. Read more…

Too cool to ignore

A futuristic skyscrapper would hover majestically above the ground because it would be attached to an actual asteroid, in space, that is forcibly put into orbit around the earth. Clouds Architecture Office has unveiled plans for a futuristic skyscrapper dubbed the “Analemma Tower”.  Read more…


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Our World: February 2017

News highlights from around the world for February 2017.


President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal will look to increase defense and security spending by $54 billion and cut roughly the same amount from non-defense programs. Read more...


What to watch at India’s State Elections. Find out… 

India to release 39 Pakistan prisoners. Read more… 

North Korea:

Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, likely died within 20 minutes of being exposed to a nerve agent at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. Read more…


Abu Sayyaf beheads a German hostage as Philippine government wages a war against the violent extremist group. Read more…


Conservative Egypt elects its first female governor. Read more…


While Donald Trump flirts with Russia, Eastern Europe prepares to be betrayed again. Read more…


Syria’s main opposition group has urged Russia to put pressure on the government of President Bashar al-Assad to shore up faltering efforts to end the conflict. Read more…

News from around the world: 28 February 2017

Our World: January 2017

2017 has started with significant changes in our world. Here is what happened in a few countries around the world.

USA: Trump changes

Trump orders travel ban in to the US for seven Muslim-majority nations. Read more…

Other changes in the Trump era: taxes, climate and healthcare. Read more…

The world has mixed reactions to Trump until now. Read more…

Cartoon depiction of the implication of Trump’s orders. Read more…

Canada: Challenging times after Quebec city attack

Quebec city mosque shooting kills six people. Read more…

Mexico: Plans about the wall

Wall between US and Mexico still in discussion. Read more…

Europe: Brexit plans evolve

Brexit negotiations continue. Read more…

India: Demonetization woes

India is still recovering from the Prime Minister’s demonetization policy. With elections coming up, the Election Commission has appealed to the Reserve Bank of India to raise the daily withdrawal limit for election candidates. Read more…

China: Bonds gain more global traction

The Chinese mainland is home to the world’s second-largest stock market and the third-largest bond market…the inclusion of RMB bonds into global indexes will help raise the profile of the China market among investors. Read more…

Iraq: Retaliates America travel ban and more on Mosul

Reciprocal travel ban on Americans unless Trump revokes executive order. Read more…

Eastern Mosul was liberated from ISIS in January and locals are wary of religious observance after IS rule. Read more…

Africa: African Union

Chad’s Foreign Minister, Moussa Faki, is new AU Commission chairperson. Read more…

Australia: Talks with US about dual nationals over travel ban

If you are a dual citizen of one of those countries travelling to the US from outside those countries then the order does not apply to you. Read more…

News from around the world: 31 January 2017

Staying organized throughout the year made easy

Staying organized is a result of building habits that are simple and sustainable. This post recommends a few habits that can assist you in staying organized throughout the year.

If you are not a naturally organized person, you can set a reminder for yourself to help you get better at it. Be patient through the small changes and failure. If you’ve never been organized before, the change will not happen overnight. Let’s get started!

Clutter 1.16.17.jpg

Habit 1: Purge.

A great start to being organized throughout the year is to begin by purging. Depending on how special of a hoarder you are, schedule either a few hours or several days to get this done.

Things you will need:

  • 3 boxes (medium or large cardboard boxes will do)
  • labels
  • markers
  • trash bag(s)

Tip: It’s better to estimate more time than less because purging usually always takes longer than anticipated.

Focus on one zone at a time. Start with a smaller area, which could be just your backpack or the top of your dresser and then move on to bigger areas like your closet. The idea is not to let a huge pile of clutter demotivate you from finishing the job.

The three boxes:  

Assign and label a box to contain items that you need time to think about. Keep the filter thin so that you don’t end up putting everything that you have in there. Items of sentimental value, like cards, letters, trinkets can go in there.

The second box could contain things that don’t belong to the area that you are organizing but you don’t have an assigned place for them yet. Again keep the number of items that you put in this box to a minimal.

Get rid of all the things that you don’t need. Sell them or give them away. Put everything that you plan to sell or give away in the third box.

Use the trash bag to throw out anything you plan to throw out and take it out as soon as you are done.

If you have a lot of items in the boxes, sort them out soon after instead of keeping them in those boxes until your next purging session 🙂 Complete one zone fully before moving to the next to keep the workload manageable.

Getting rid of things that you no longer need does not need to be limited to just once a year but in reality it’s better to have time scheduled once a year to get them done.

Habit 2: Contain

It’s usually the small things that create the appearance of clutter unless they are neatly contained.

Things you will need:

  • Boxes/baskets/small bowls
  • Labels and markers
Empty chocolate box for jewelry. Compartments work great for storing small jewelry.

Use wrapped boxes or baskets to contain trinkets, magazines, stationery, jewelry and small fitness equipment. Organizing does not have to be an expensive affair. Make it a habit to contain piles and stacks to make them stay neat.

Habit 3: Designated storage.

One reason why we can’t find our keys and wallets just when we need them is because they land up wherever we decide to drop them when we get home. Be mindful about picking easy access storage spaces. 


One important key to designating storage areas is to make them as functional as possible.

Things that are used everyday need easier access than things that you need only once a year. In order to maximize your limited storage space, store things according to the season. For example, umbrellas need to be within easy reach in the monsoon and snow boots need to be easily accessible during winter. Winters need more coats and summers need more slippers. In winter, kitchens might be stored with more soup spices and the crock pot might claim a permanent corner. If you don’t need them for the summer, put them away and reuse the space for them for summer things. So plan to switch things around according to your needs in order to keep your organized system functional throughout the year.

When things are easier to find because of your organizing habits, it will serve as a motivator to stay organized.

Snacks basket will store those multiple packets neatly.

Habit 4: Put things in their proper place immediately.

If you keep throwing things where they don’t belong, it won’t be long before your space is cluttered again. A few extra seconds to put something in its right place will help save several minutes of searching tomorrow. Put things away where they belong right away and they won’t get out of control.

The little foxes ruin the vine.

A few months ago, one of our storage unit covers came off its hinges. Instead of dealing with it as soon as we could, we ended up ignoring it for a while because life got busy. What that resulted in was a pile of random things stacking up all around it. Somehow even the items that did not belong to that storage unit, landed in its messy pile. We finally got the unit fixed and tidied up the corner. 

Being proactive in staying organized will enhance productivity in other areas of your life.

Habit 5: Schedule organizing at regular intervals.

Regularly schedule a few minutes either on a weeknight or weekend to tidy up your space. Some days will be easier than others but staying organized is a result of small changes that you make everyday.

Start with a little at a time.

So go ahead and put aside a few hours for the next few weekends/weekdays to conquer one section at a time. Organizing in manageable portions and consistently managing your space can be life changing.

Do you have other tips that help you stay organized? Share them in the comments below.


The Overseas Magazine Editor

Meals every Indian should try in the US

When you visit the US, you have to try these!

Barbecued meat! Whether you prefer chicken or pork, find a restaurant that serves barbecue platters. The mildly sweet and smoky melt-in-your-mouth options are a must have when you’re in the US!

Mouthwatering barbecued meat. Give us a side of naan and we are set!

Burgers and hotdogs come in all sizes and varieties. The type of burgers and hotdogs you find in India don’t quite compare to the ones available in the US. Opt for beef if you eat beef or try the cheese burger. Amazingness! Hotdogs can vary in quality so maybe try just one.

We need bigger mouths for that burger!

Soups and stews are both comfort food and an entire hot meal in a bowl. Try the  Brunswick stew, with it’s rich taste of tomatoes and meat, or try gumbo! Find out what the traditional soup is and enjoy it with a side of bread sticks or rice.

Doesn’t that look wholesome? Yummy soup!

Although India offers a variety of bread options, when Indians hear bread, we usually think of the common sliced white bread but if you enjoy bread, you will love meals in the US! Bagels, buns, dinner rolls, biscuits, corn bread, baguette are a few among many other varieties. They all differ in texture and taste and if you can’t differentiate, it’s alright. It’s probably the same reason why Americans identify the variety of Indian flatbread as naan 🙂

We love garlic bread!

Mexican food is extremely popular so enjoy the delicious tacos and burritos. In addition to that, you can find fusion food everywhere. Korean, Thai, Japanese – all offer fusion options and Indian taste buds will love them. American Chinese food is not as spicy as Indian Chinese food and Indian food is mostly limited to North Indian food options.

Tacos are perfect for any meal.

If you want to try fast food, try Chick-fil-A! The fried chicken burgers will win over your heart and stomach instantly.

Spicy deluxe sandwich.jpg
Spicy Deluxe Sandwich offers the perfect amount of spice and flavors.

Finally to satisfy your sweet tooth, try the cheesecakes, donuts, pies, a wide range or cookies and muffins. There are tons of other options obviously but you can’t visit the US and not try these!

Give them all to us!!! Donuts for days!

Have a great trip and enjoy your meals!